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Learn about your DNA and let your genes out of the bottle.

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Don't undermine yourself: Data mine your diet.

Gain more insight from your MyFitnessPal data, such as: what foods affect your calorie intake most, how your macro distributions differ on high vs. low calorie days, which fast food restaurants feature prominently in your diet, and more.

Let your genes out of the bottle.

The app lets you view variants associated with health conditions organized by categories.

genes for good

Now you can contribute to science through a Facebook app in a project by the University of Michigan.

american gut

Sequencing the microbiome helps researchers understand the relationship between microbiome diversity and human health.

all of us

The NIH Precision Medicine Initiative will enroll one million or more volunteers in a participant-engaged, data-driven enterprise supporting research at the intersecton of lifestyle, environment, and genetics to produce new knowledge with the goal of developing more effective ways to prolong health and treat disease.


Like a Lamborghini on a regular street, one kind of company stood out in more than 60 direct-to-consumer genetic services that were reviewed (here). These companies offer even greater sophistication than whole-genome sequencing by including non-genetic assessments, some of which might seem extravagant – such as an MRI scan.


A critical review of 64 genetic testing companies (nearly all direct-to-consumer).


Imagine your genome as a vast landscape scattered with millions of diamonds waiting to be mined. These metaphorical diamonds are the genetic data that can help you be healthier, smarter, and even more connected. But the diamonds in the DNA are unknown to many people, who never thought about tapping into their own genome even when the findings would be of most value to them. You, on the other hand, may be interested but have little knowledge of the risks, rewards, and practicalities.